Abbott to play vacant-space invader

Tony Abbott’s pursuit of ‘Small Government’ reached a new level of absurdity today, with reports that around 34,000 work spaces in Departmental buildings around the country are left vacant each day, at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of around $170 million a year.

The above average vacancy rate of Commonwealth-leased buildings has led to the Government playing a game of skill to fill the gaps, with the Finance Minister’s launch of ‘Operation Tetris’ to consolidate the vacant space.

Labor’s Waste Watch spokesperson, Pat Conroy, said it was game over for the Government’s rhetoric on efficiency.

“This is the epitome of waste; Tony Abbott and Government Ministers talk about efficiency in the public service but this is the very opposite of that,” Mr Conroy said.

“They are on an ideological pursuit when it comes to the public sector, and it’s costing the taxpayer money.”

“You can’t take the axe to the sector and say it’s to benefit to the bottom line when the reality is that there are empty Government offices all over the country that are, in fact, costing the taxpayer money.”

“This is not only deceptive, it’s bad public policy.”

“Everybody loses in this game the Coalition is playing.”