Abbott’s double standards on G20 costs continue

Tony Abbott said lots of things before the G20.

He said he was going to shirtfront Vladimir Putin, but then he spent $24,000 to cuddle a koala with him.

He said he was going to tear up an $8 million plan to upgrade buildings, but then he spent $9.6 million upgrading buildings.

He said he was going to cut ‘frivolous spending’ on the event, but then he authorised a long list of expenses which included more than $31,000 on cups of coffee and over $150,000 to move a table.

And he said he going to reign in ‘excessive spending’, but reports today reveal the PM’s G20 cost blowout continues – with hotel bills around three times the amount budgeted for and a taxi bill more than 12 times the price originally planned.

Labor’s waste spokesperson,  Pat Conroy, said the PM should be embarrassed by his record.

“For a man who bragged about reducing G20 costs, Mr Abbott has embarrassed himself and his Government,” Mr Conroy said.

“How did the Government underestimate the cost of taxis by a factor of twelve? How did they come to spend almost three times as much as budgeted for hotels?”

“These are really significant costs. Even for Abbott, a blowout out of the taxi budget by 1200 per cent comes as a shock.”

“Tony Abbott is famous for saying one thing but then doing another, and this is just another example of his double standards when it comes to reigning in spending.”