An NBN by any other name is still as sweet

The Minister for Communications may be a Rhodes Scholar, and is almost certainly Australia’s leading expert on Conrovianism, but withreports he authorised a costly rebranding of NBN Co perhaps Malcolm Turnbull should be guided by his penchant for Shakespeare, and ask, as the Bard did, ‘What’s in a name?’

The cost of the rebranding exercise, which will see NBN Co drop the last two letters from its title in an effort to become more “inspiring and aspirational”, came in at more than $700,000 for marketing alone – though the total cost could potentially lead to millions of dollars being spent on replacement of the corporate identity across the organisation.

Chair of Labor’s Waste Watch Committee, Pat Conroy, said the Government’s approach the building the National Broadband Network was all wrong.

“Is this seriously Malcolm Turnbull’s priority? He’s way off on his completion target and yet he’s devoting the company’s efforts to rebranding?” Pat Conroy said.

“By their own admission, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the NBN Co brand, and this idea that they should be more “inspiring” is just nonsense. NBN Co is in the wholesale business, it’s up to retailers to be exciting and sell products to consumers.”

“This is classic Turnbullism; all style and no substance.”

“The Liberals’ NBN policy slugs new home builders with a $900 levy, it axes universal wholesale pricing for people in the bush, and it means massive charges for people who want to upgrade from the copper line to a fibre cable to their home. But hey, at least they’ve got a catchy slogan.”

“Malcolm Turnbull should get real and build a decent NBN, and stop allowing money to be wasted on marketing.”