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Abbott’s double standards on G20 costs continue

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Oops… J-Bish did it again!

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Livin’ large in London with Lord Downer

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Transcript of interview, Newcastle Customs House – Bronwyn Bishop

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Question to the Speaker about parliamentary entitlements

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J-Bish tour 2015 = frowny face :(

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Blinky Bill: a Lifter or a Leaner?

It’s almost worthy of a place in the beloved children’s classic*: The […] Read More »

Abbott’s better homes and gardens

‘The Block’ wasn’t the only home renovation to reveal its hefty price […] Read More »

Is there a ‘do not like’ button?

Tony Abbott may be ‘no techhead’, but he is Captain of a […] Read More »

Yoga, percussion and acting are not ‘heavy lifting’

Whilst the Prime Minister tells Australians to do the ‘heavy lifting’, his […] Read More »