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Yeehaw! Costly cowboys’ Brissy muster

Jan 14, 2016Media Releases Parties

Cowboys may be known for their love of simple living, but the […] Read More »

Totes Awks – The Wastie goes to J-Bish

Dec 31, 2015Media Releases Parties

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop receives the dubious honour of being named the […] Read More »

J-Bish tour 2015 – one night only

Oct 10, 2015Media Releases Parties

The J-Bish Tour of 2015 continues, with revelations the FM’s entourage have […] Read More »

Champagne, canapes, caviar – The best night of Hockey’s life

Mar 30, 2015Media Releases Parties

The dance party in Joe Hockey’s office was just the warm-up for […] Read More »

Abbott getting up to his old party tricks

Mar 24, 2015Media Releases Parties

Despite leadership woes and a series of Cabinet leaks, it appears Prime […] Read More »