Dutton launches Operation ‘Puppy Love’

Sep 6, 2015Media Releases Spin

Despite a week of tantrums, few would have imagined the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection would console himself with cuddly toys – but it appears that’s exactly what Peter Dutton has done.

Government tender documents reveal the Australian Border Force’s next directive could well be “Operation Puppy Love”, following the acquisition of 2,000 plush toy dogs, at a cost of close to $15,000. The 30cm tall ‘detector dogs’ come complete with ABF branding, but so far there is little detail on what role they will play in ensuring community safety.

“Well, clearly the adults aren’t in charge here,” Labor’s Waste Watch spokesperson, Pat Conroy, said.

“What’s next, a tricycle for the Prime Minister? An abacus for the Treasurer? A model railway for the Infrastructure Minister?

“Given how many times the Immigration Minister has thrown his toys out of the cot this week I’m not surprised he needs to order more.

“The Government has so far spent hundreds of thousands of dollars rebranding Customs as the Border Force, and this is just another example of the waste involved in this stunt. Unfortunately, though, the Operation Fortitude fiasco has shown us that this stunt can have very serious consequences.

“Peter Dutton blamed the media for the fallout last week. Who will he blame this time, Mattel or Fisher Price?”