‘Egosurfing’ is not an on-water matter

Nov 27, 2014Media Releases Spin

Whilst Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, refuses to discuss on-water matters, it appears he is happy to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on media monitoring for mentions of himself.

In response to a Question in Writing, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has revealed the Minister and his assistant, Michaelia Cash, spent $117,242.46 on media analysis, transcription and clipping services over a 362 day period.

This figure is well above the amount spent by other Ministers, including the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, who spent $6,728.69 over the same time.

Chair of Labor’s Waste Watch Committee, Pat Conroy, said the Minister should stop trawling the media and start engaging with it.

“It is ironic that the most secretive Minister in the history of the Commonwealth is spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on monitoring what the media says about him,” Mr Conroy said.

“Media Monitoring is necessary, but how can Scott Morrison justify spending 20 times the amount Julie Bishop spends on what is presumably monitoring of the same media sources?”

“We are talking about almost $325 a day being spent by the Minister on media monitoring, just to read his name in the paper.”