Services offered by Photo Booth Melbourne

Holding an event in Melbourne from weddings to corporate events needs a take- home souvenir or keepsake for the various guests. This is a common and expected practice. A photo souvenir of the event is a unique way of making it more memorable for the guest and for the celebrant as well. Hiring a photo […]

Whale Watching Tours in Hervey Bay

If you love whale watching and plan to visit Australia this year, then you would be amazed by the vast coastline and diverse marine life in this beautiful country. A place like Hervey Bay is perfect to be surprised by the close encounters of these beautiful humongous creatures, to see whales this closely is a […]

Building A Home While Keeping Costs Down

While building a home can be great because of customization, sometimes costs can become high. There are ways to make sure the costs for a home are as low as possible. The following measure will help with keeping costs down when building a home. When building a house, the contractor will play a major part […]

Oops… J-Bish did it again!

J-Bish may throw her hands in the air like she just doesn’t care, but she should know her rock star antics are at a significant cost to the Australian public. In answering Parliamentary Questions in Writing, the Foreign Minister has been forced to reveal her party posse swelled to more than a dozen during her […]