Services offered by Photo Booth Melbourne

Holding an event in Melbourne from weddings to corporate events needs a take- home souvenir or keepsake for the various guests. This is a common and expected practice.

A photo souvenir of the event is a unique way of making it more memorable for the guest and for the celebrant as well. Hiring a photo booth in Melbourne will all be ready to provide a customised and stylish booth before your guests arrive.


Services offered by Photo Booth Hires


The services can be customised from the booth theme to supplying two identical glossy and high-quality photos for you and your guests. Black and white photos can also be requested.


Highly-trained attendant for your photo booth

The photo booth will be ready to go before the arrival of your first guests. Guests will be welcomed and given a booth tour by a highly-trained attendant. The guests will also be taught by the attendant on the various ways to take the most amazing photos while in the booth.

Scrapbook assembling is a service that can be included in the photo booth hire. If included, the attendant will be the one to assemble the photos in a scrapbook for you to take home after the event.


Provide duplicate photo-strips for your guests

Guests will love to have their own copy of the photos that include them with the celebrant. Maximising the use of the photo booth is encouraged as a way to build a big stack of photo strips.

Taking as many pictures with as many family members and friends as you want is the thrill provided by photo booth hires. The use of the latest lighting technology and equipment ensures high-resolution, flattering, and clear photos for everyone.

On-site customised photo guestbook

An on-site customised photo guestbook is one of the services offered by photo booth hires. This is a great way to provide a creative and photographic memory the important event. The assembled guestbook will be handled by highly-trained attendants. Included in the book are the written and photographic expressions about the event.


Digital files on a flash drive

At the end of the event, the client will receive a flash drive containing all the high-resolution digital photos taken during the event. This provides a fantastic way of sharing the photos online or having them enlarged or reprinted.


Other customised options

All events will likely find their own customised option with the photo booth hires. Weddings, for instance, can include the date and names of the couple to all photo strips taken during the event. This instantly makes the photos a one-of-a-kind wedding give-away souvenir.

Corporate events can also take advantage of customised services. Text or company logo can be placed on the photo strips as a way to promote services or products offered.

Curtains used in photo booths can be customised as well. Some of the curtain colours available include pink, black, silver, damask, blue, and more. The poster usually found on the side of the photo booths can be tailor-made as well.


Photo booths in Melbourne have become hugely popular with events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and corporate events. It is because a photo booth offers the best way to launch a new product or celebrate with families and best friends.