A glossary of big spenders

Malcolm Turnbull

Feb 26, 2016

He may have clawed his way to the top job, but Malcolm Turnbull has been digging in the pockets of every Australian taxpayer to get there.

His overthrowing of Tony Abbott cost a staggering $3.3 million in redundancies for Ministerial staffers.

He spent $17,000 on a single flight on the week of the coup just so he could avoid sitting next to Tony Abbott on the VIP jet.

He then dumped Joe Hockey from the front bench, sparking a by-election which cost $500,000.

The subsequent round of Ministerial promotions saw MPs spend around $6000 to replace signage, stationary and websites (that were only 2 years old). This pales in comparison to Government Departments, which were forced to spend around $550,000 upgrading branded material after the Liberals came to Government.

Even his leadership deal with Barnaby Joyce cost more than $200,000 for the Agriculture Department to dispose of material after the Department changed its name for the second time in two years.

But surely, for a multi-millionaire who enjoys the finer things in life, the PM will find the Lodge to his satisfaction given his predecessor oversaw a multimillion dollar blowout for the residence’s refurbishment.

Even as Communications Minister, the bloke who ‘virtually inventing the internet’ (but oversaw the National Broadband Network’s disintegration into a cheaper, slower system) was a money waster.

He spent $10 million reviewing the network, instead of building it.

He then spent around $5 million on rebranding.

When it all turned bad he decided a name change would spruce up the organisation’s image, but changing the name to ‘nbn™’ came in at a cost of $700,000 – or $350,000 per letter.