A glossary of big spenders

Scott Morrison

Feb 16, 2016

Scott Morrison is a stern and secretive Minister who has marked time in three Cabinet positions in as many years.

As Immigration Minister he sanctioned almost $340,000 on media monitoring for a single year and spent $18 million advertising to would-be asylum seekers, despite his own clandestine approach to discussing any ‘on-water matters’ with the media.

Amid this refusal to discuss on-water waters, Scott Morrison designed a state of the art media briefing room for $330,000.

As part of a $20,000 tender to Wisdom Learning, Scott Morrison sanctioned drumming workshops for Department of Immigration and Border Protection public servants.

He wasn’t much better as Social Services Minister, choosing to axe the grossly underutilised $20 million marriage counselling program but continuing to spend almost $450,000 to review the scrapped policy.