A glossary of big spenders

Sussan Ley

Feb 14, 2016

For a Health Minister, Sussan Ley’s spending is anything but healthy.

Her Government has cut billions from the health sector, but spent $11 million on an advertising campaign that was virtually identical to one that ran eight years earlier.

This blunder was part of a $20 million package to combat the drug Ice, while services to treat users were underfunded to deal with the emerging epidemic.

Ley has overseen the abolition of Medicare Locals and establishment of a similar service, Primary Health Networks (PHNs) which will cost taxpayers $57 million.

The Minister attended a sod turning ceremony for the construction of the backlogged Palmerston Hospital project, which saw a slab of concrete laid for the photo opportunity, only to be dug up days later – part of a $56 million debacle.