A glossary of big spenders

Tony Abbott

Feb 23, 2016

Tony Abbott is renowned for being out of touch with everyday Australians.

As Prime Minister he oversaw a massive blowout in the cost of renovations to The Lodge, despite never spending a night the historic Canberra residency.

He did, however, spend more time in Sydney’s Kirribilli House.

This may explain his six-figure makeover to the home’s interior and his decision to increase the maintenance contract for gardening to a whopping $200,000 a year.

When he was in Canberra, he chose to stay in modest lodgings with the Australian Federal Police, despite the fact his staff rented a luxurious Forrest mansion for him (resulting in a $65,000 lease termination fee).

His decision to live for a week each year in remote parts of Australia weren’t cheap either, with his final visit to Torres Strait raising an $80,000 catering bill.

And if his living arrangements as PM weren’t costly enough, leaving the job was worse.

A party in his office on the night of Turnbull’s coup saw a marble coffee table smashed, leaving the taxpayer with a $1,000 bill to replace it, and a an additional $17,000 was spent on a VIP flight just days later, so he could avoid sitting next to Malcolm Turnbull as they both made their way back to Sydney.