Hockey’s $4.4 million belly flop

May 21, 2015Bunkum Media Releases

Treasurer Joe Hockey has managed to dive head first into controversy this week, disqualifying himself from a gold medal press conference performance when he stuffed his numbers up on the size of a pool upgrade.

While Mr Hockey freestyled at the presser, declaring the public swimming pool in the Darwin suburb of Parap as short of Olympic size at “49.5 metres”, the facts took a tumble turn soon after when it was revealed to pool is, in fact, 50.3 metres.

Rather than costing taxpayers nearly $100,000 per centimetre to extend the pool, it’s actually costing $146,000 a centimetre to shorten it.

Labor’s Waste spokesperson, Pat Conroy said the Treasurer needed to train harder if he wants to improve his performance.

“You’ve got to hand it to Joe Hockey, he’s quite the numbers man,” Mr Conroy said.

“Here he is, in the post-Budget publicity championships, showing us his form when it comes to dodgy figures.

“Clearly he was thrown in the deep end at the press conference yesterday and he didn’t have all the facts, but this is demonstrative of a Government prepared to sacrifice their credibility for a headline.

“It’s their Budget strategy in a nutshell – travel the country, sell the headline, never mind the numbers.

“Joe’s bomb at the pool is like a metaphor for the Government – desperate to be liked, telling us they’re builders and fixers, when actually they’re just cutting and clawing back.

It is crystal clear Joe Hockey and his Budget are all spin, and the Australian people will start to see that.

“This Budget was about one thing only – shoring up Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey’s jobs.”