Is there a ‘do not like’ button?

Tony Abbott may be ‘no techhead’, but he is Captain of a tech-savvy team.

He has a Foreign Minister who communicates in Emoji, a Communications Minister who virtually invented the internet, and as reported today, a Treasurer with a penchant for gadgets.

Chair of Labor’s Waste Watch Committee, Pat Conroy, said the Liberals preoccupied with silly games, while ordinary Australians who live in the real world are being hurt by their skewed priorities.

“Today we learnt that, under the Abbott Government’s watch, the Tax Office spent $4 million on ipads for “Executive Level” staff. This is despite more than 2,500 people losing their jobs at the ATO as a result of budget cuts,” Mr Conroy said.

“What kind of alternate reality are we in? We see mass redundancies at the ATO and the Government responds by buying ipads?”

“I really hope Joe Hockey is better at candy crush than he is at lining up Budget priorities, because his current attempt has crashed and needs to be refreshed.”

“The Government is like a bunch of angry birds throwing missiles at the public service, but all the while they refuse to reign in their own spending.”

“If there were a ‘Do Not Like’ button for this out of touch Government then I’d be pressing it.”