J-Bish tour 2015 – one night only

Oct 10, 2015Media Releases Parties

J-Bish tour of 2015 - Sydney, one night only_red dancing lady_

The J-Bish Tour of 2015 continues, with revelations the FM’s entourage have made their way to another A-list event – the ‘Night at the Museum’ soiree on the eve of the Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Ministers Meeting in July.

FOI documents show the party loving Foreign Minister spent $9,370.50 on a ‘Welcome Reception and Dinner’ for 26 people at the Australian Museum in Sydney, where foreign Heads of Delegation kicked off the meeting in style.

Ms Bishop and 17 foreign dignitaries enjoyed canapes and a three course meal, complemented by a selection of the finest Australian wines – but in true J-Bish style there was plenty for the posse, with close to half the guest list being her Ministerial and support staff.

Labor’s Waste spokesperson, Pat Conroy, said the Foreign Minister has a reputation of enjoying fineries with friends.

“The Foreign Minister is becoming known for her love of fancy functions,” Mr Conroy said.

“We were gobsmacked when she spent $125,000 on a two day tour of South Australia, and on that trip she took seven of her Ministerial staff, two Departmental staff and two Opposition State MPs on the jaunt with her.”

“Now she’s spent close to $10,000 on a single dinner, and again she has taken three Ministerial staffers with her as well as five Departmental Executives in her party.”

“This dinner equates to around $350 a head, is it really the best value for the taxpayer if nearly half the room are in the Minister’s entourage?”