Julie Bishop blames Tony Abbott for Embassy controversy

Mar 1, 2016Incompetence News

From Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tanya Plibersek:

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has blamed Tony Abbott for controversy surrounding the cost of Australia’s new embassy in Doha.

It is reported the new embassy will cost around $20 million and accommodate just 15 people – giving each worker an office the “size of an average Sydney apartment.”

Instead of responding to serious questions about this use of taxpayer funds Ms Bishop’s office has tried to drop the former Prime Minister right in it saying: “the decision was made when Tony Abbott was prime minister.”

It’s clear that Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott are still at war with each other.  

Australian taxpayers just want answers. 

Julie Bishop might like to pretend she wasn’t part of the Abbott Government.  We understand why.  But she was the deputy Liberal leader and foreign minister, so Ms Bishop must explain her role in this decision as minister, and whether she thinks this is a good use of taxpayer funds.