Liberals waste millions to ease wind turbine paranoia

Mar 22, 2016Bunkum News


From Mark Butler MP, Shadow Minister for the Environment:

When it comes to wind farms, the Liberals are nothing but a joke.

First there was the Select Committee on Wind Turbines. The Committee heard endless testimony of the economic benefits of investment in wind power, and renewable energy more generally and heard no credible evidence of a link between wind farms and health impacts.

Yet, as if in honour of the Prime Minister’s anti-wind crusade, the Committee recommended capping renewable energy investment, forcing renewable energy to compete for limited Emissions Reductions Fund money and stripping progressive state governments of their autonomy to manage their own wind farm developments.

The entire inquiry was a farce. Senators were totally consumed with their own hatred for wind farms and blind to the overwhelming evidence.

Then the Coalition appointed a Wind Farm Commissioner. A part time position paid $205,000 a year to listen to complaints about something for which there is no evidence.

And the joke doesn’t end there. The Liberal Government has reportedly funded research costing $3.3million into the effects of wind farms on human health. This is despite the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) previously finding that there is no “consistent evidence” that a problem exists.

This Government seems intent on destroying Australia’s renewable energy industry, costing jobs and jeopardising Australia’s transition to a clean energy future.