Lost something important?

The Coalition Government lost a fair bit this year.

There’s their economic credibility, their legislative agenda, their Speaker, their Prime Minister and a swathe of Ministers – but they also managed to lose more than $100,000 worth of communications and IT equipment.

Mobile phones, laptops, remote access tokens and tablet devices were among the goods most lost, misplaced or stolen from Ministerial and Departmental staff in the 2014-15 Financial Year, the Government has revealed.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop’s staff racked up the biggest bill at more than $45,000 worth of squandered goods – though the Prime Minister, Treasurer, and Ministers for Health, Sport and the Environment, respectively, continue to evade the question of how much equipment they and their staff have lost.

Chair of Labor’s Waste Watch Committee, Pat Conroy, says the Abbott/Turnbull Governments had a habit of losing important things.

“The Liberals and Nationals really have lost a lot this year, haven’t they?”

“I imagine Julie Bishop found it difficult to communicate with staff who lost mobile phones, how would she send emoji’s to them?”

“Perhaps the tech-savvy PM, who we all know virtually invented the internet, could teach a few staffers how to turn on the find my iphone app?”

“At the end of the day these are unnecessary costs and the Government should be doing all it can to avoid expenses like this from racking up.”