Malcolm Turnbull’s $525 million marriage equality plebiscite

Mar 13, 2016Bunkum News

From Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek, Mark Dreyfus and Terri Butler:

A report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers released today, shows Malcolm Turnbull’s unnecessary and divisive plebiscite on marriage equality will cost the Australian economy a staggering $525 million.

The $525 million includes the cost of holding a plebiscite, funding campaigns, the time it takes to vote, and negative impacts on mental health.

That’s $525 million for a divisive plebiscite that some in the Coalition have said they’ll ignore.

That’s $525 million for a divisive plebiscite, when Parliament could just do its job and legislate marriage equality immediately.

That’s $525 million for a divisive plebiscite, where one side of the ‘debate’ will have public license to argue that there’s something wrong with being gay or lesbian, and that same-sex parents are somehow second rate.

Clearly, this is the price Malcolm Turnbull will make all Australians pay for the deal he did with the conservatives in his party to become Prime Minister.

LGBTI Australians, and their families, should not have to wait any longer to have the same rights as every other person in this country.

We can, and should, make marriage equality a reality now.

The only thing standing in the way of marriage equality passing the Parliament this week is Malcolm Turnbull.