Peter Dutton’s Flying Circus

Picture this:

You’re Peter Dutton. You’ve just landed your dream job as the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

 What do you do?

 You spend around $10 million kitting out the Department with military-style uniforms and corporate branding.

 But you’re not long in the job and you start to make a few gaffes. You preside over a nonsensical visa fraud operation which sparks a furious public backlash, your joke about the effect of climate change on Pacific Island nations is picked up by a pesky boom mike, and mass strikes erupt at airports, maritime ports and mail centres across the country as a result of the pay cuts you’ve dished out to workers in your Department.

 What do you do?

 You point to a badly worded media release, and you point to light hearted discussions. When that doesn’t work you blame the media. But nothing seems to fix it, and now you’re trending on social media (but not in a good way).

 What do you do?

 You spend close to $80,000 on media training.

 This is not an unfortunate choose-your-own-adventure story; these are the real-life decisions of Minister Peter Dutton, who has in his most recent blunder approved  $79,000 for media training for senior executives, to be conducted by the somewhat aptly named Talkforce Media and Communications.

“Peter Dutton’s tenure as immigration minister has hit Monty Pythonesque levels of stupidity,” said Labor’s Waste Watch spokesperson, Pat Conroy.

“After presiding over the border farce operation in Melbourne, the Minister blamed a badly worded press release and then blamed the media for the backlash.”

“Now he’s spending $80,000 on media training for his executives. If only the money could be spent on training Minister Dutton?”

“The Australian people have zero confidence in Minister Dutton and wasting taxpayers’ money like this only reinforces that sentiment.”