Question to the Speaker about parliamentary entitlements

Today I have written to the Speaker, Hon Bronwyn Bishop MP, to seek clarification of her use of parliamentary entitlements to charter a private aircraft to take the short journey from Melbourne to Geelong.

It has been reported that in November last year, Bronwyn Bishop chose not to use her Commonwealth car for a journey from Melbourne to Geelong, instead opting to charter a return flight for the 80-odd kilometre journey at a cost of $5,227.27 to the taxpayer.

This seems a curious decision which is not only prohibitively expensive, but also inefficient; the Speaker likely clocked up more travel time by combining the 45 minute flight with road transfers to and from airports, than she would have driving for around an hour from Melbourne to the event in Geelong instead.

The Speaker’s office has not provided any justification for this curious travel with her staff reportedly “dodging questions” about the purpose of the journey.

I look forward to the Speaker’s response so these questions can be resolved.