Tony ‘do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do’ Abbott strikes again

Jan 5, 2015Media Releases Spin

The Prime Minister’s penchant for saying one thing before an election and doing another afterward has been exposed again today, with more reports the Government is spending vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to monitor media despite labelling the exercise as waste when in Opposition.

Chair of Labor’s Waste Watch Committee, Pat Conroy, accused the Prime Minister of ‘breathtaking hypocrisy’ as the Government he leads failed to meet his own standards.

“In Opposition they said too much money was being spent on media monitoring, but now they are spending vastly more themselves. It’s this kind of hypocrisy from Tony Abbott and his Ministers that is disgusting the Australian public,” Mr Conroy said.

“The Government thinks it can spend more money on media monitoring and paid advertising to work out a way to make Australians swallow its unfair Budget.

“No amount of spin sessions, communications courses or media monitoring mega-spends will change how fed up Australians are with this unfair Government.

“Tony Abbott should spend less time and money on newspaper clippings about himself and more time listening to the Australian people.

“The Immigration Minister recently approved a $170,000 contract for media monitoring services for a six month period – this is significantly more than previous Governments, which Tony Abbott ranted endlessly about as waste.

“It’s not only hypocritical and self-indulgent, it shows once again that this is a Government happy to cut pensions and impose new taxes to pay for its spin strategies.”