Tough talking Liberals spend $1million on tea and bikkies

Nov 26, 2015Bunkum Media Releases

When a Government actively demonises people on social security, cuts pension and family payments, and announces the same fraud crackdown twice, you’d be forgiven for thinking there were no luxuries afforded in the Department of Human Services.

Not so, evidently.

The Minister for Human Services, Stuart Robert MP, has admitted his Department spent more than $1 million on tea, coffee and biscuits in the last financial year – despite his Government’s pursuit of savings within the portfolio.

Labor’s Waste spokesperson, Pat Conroy, says the Government’s tough talk is at odds with their actions.

“This is a government that, since day one, has attacked the social safety net,” Mr Conroy said.

“This is a Government that thinks it is okay to cut the pension, cut family tax benefits and paid parental leave, and cut support for jobseekers.”

“All we hear from the Minister is that the system is unsustainable, but at the same time he has authorised over a million dollars to be spent on tea, coffee and biscuits in the last year. This is the equivalent of 5 million scotch finger biscuits.

“While some catering is justified, there are around 1.6 million families that will be up to $4,700 a year worse off because of the Government’s unfair cuts to FTB. I think if you ask them whether they’d prefer this payment be reinstated or to have one of the five million scotch finger biscuits, I know which one they’d choose.”