Tips for Hiring a Limo

Special occasion coming up? A wedding or a prom are some of the momentous occasions in a person’s life. These warranty a special car which would make you feel like one in a million. After all it’s every girl dream to start of her special day in an extra special car. A limousine is the first choice of anyone looking to hire a luxury car. Before you go for a limo hire in Wollongong, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

Things to keep in mind for limo hire in Wollongong

  • It’s always better to make a quick booking as soon as you are aware of the dates you want to use the limo. During busy prom or wedding season most limos can get booked quickly and you might not be able to get one for yourself.
  • Most wedding planners normally recommend to make a booking at least three to six months prior the occasion to avoid disappointment.
  • When you contact a limo hire service you would be provided with an option to choose from the various limos that they have. Whether you are looking for a standard limo or something special with extra amenities, you can get to decide which one you are looking for.
  • Limos come in different sizes. Usually a limo can accommodate around six to fifteen people depending on its seating capacity.
  • Make sure to check for insurance and safety records. A limo service should be insured and they should also have some way of knowing about the previous driving record of their chauffeur. Also get to know whether the people they hire are local and know all about the roads, you don’t want to risk getting lost on the day of your event.
  • Get to know the different packages offered by a limo company. There are several which offer a wedding and a prom package. If you book early you might even be able to get a real package with some extra amenities added in.
  • Get to know if there are any extra charges or gratuities involved besides the usual hourly rate.
  • When you make a booking, make sure that you clearly mention the date and time of the event and where and when you would like to picked and dropped off. These detail would enable the company to ensure that everything flows smoothly on the main day.
  • Since you are making an advance booking, get to know if there are options for refund or cancellation charges which you might have to pay in case you won’t need the limousine anymore.

The key to finding the right limo service is in ensuring that you have supplied all the necessary details and things can be handled with ease. Also get to know all you can about the limo service. Make sure you hire someone who is reliable and can pick and drop you off at the required time.