Truss loves hi-vis

Jan 7, 2016Media Releases Spin

Whether it’s a road or railway, it’s clear the Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss loves a photo op – but his penchant for a good news story comes at a cost to the Australian taxpayer.

In answering a Parliamentary Question in Writing, the Minister has been forced to admit he spent more than $3,200 in the past year on props for media events, such as A1 maps, banners and boards.

No photo opportunity would be complete, however, without a sea of hi-vis, and the Minister has spent close to $2,000 alone to ensure hard hats and vests are in abundant supply at his press conferences.

Labor’s waste spokesperson, Pat Conroy, says the Minister was all spin and no substance.

“The Government has spent the past few years re-announcing road and rail projects that were planned and funded by the former Labor Government, and claiming them as their own achievements,” Mr Conroy said.

“So it comes as no surprise that the Minister is more concerned with optics than he is with the facts.”

“Next time you see Warren Truss cutting a ribbon in a hard hat, have a think about whether he is concerned with actual nation building, or the ‘Utopia-esque’ kind.”