Turnbull for PM… at all costs?

The leadership battle between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott has cost more than one man’s job, with the Government today confirming the cost of severance payments to Ministerial staff members following last year’s coup hit a staggering $3.35 million.

In answering a Senate Questions on Notice, the Government has been forced to admit 90 staff members were made redundant following the challenge, around a third of which were from PM Abbott’s office.

Labor’s waste spokesperson, Pat Conroy, said this was an avoidable cost.

“We are starting to see the true cost of Malcolm Turnbull’s ambition,” Mr Conroy said.

“When Prime Ministers and Ministers lose their jobs so do their staff, and there are costs associated with this.”

“This is just the start, there’s a mounting cost associated with the instability of this Government.”

“In the first two years of the Abbott Government we saw the Ministry rejigged twice, and so far Malcolm Turnbull has had a swathe of Ministers resign or stand aside. Every time these changes occur there’s a host of ramifications; from staff payouts to changing the signage and stationary.”

“This is a Government in chaos, and unfortunately it comes at a cost to the taxpayer.”