The tax payer's guide to Liberal waste


Since their election in 2013, the Liberal-National Government under Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull have demanded ordinary Australians tighten their belts.

But while they expect taxpayers to do the “heavy lifting”, their own behavior has been careless and extravagant.

Within these tomes are a collection of some of the more outrageous examples of Liberal waste and indulgence by Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull’s Governments.


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Liberals like to party. From champagne to dancing on tables, there’s plenty to read in Volume 1 – Liberal waste and parties »



Liberals like the finer things in life. From chopper rides to bookcases, read about all their splurges in Volume 2 – Liberal waste and extravagance »



Liberals like to talk themselves up. From ad campaigns to photo ops, read about the costs involved in Volume 3 – Liberal waste and spin »



Liberals often talk rubbish. From bungled policies to media-gaffes, read all about it in Volume 4 –  Liberal waste and bunkum »



Liberals are often inept. From budget blow outs to late fees, read how much they are costing the country in Volume 5 – Liberal waste and incompetence »



Liberals are in chaos. From infighting to deals, read about the real cost of instability in Volume 6 – Liberal waste and instability »