The tax payer's guide to Liberal waste


Bunkum: nonsense. “They talk a lot of bunkum about their products.”

The Abbott-Turnbull Government’s policies have alienated the Australian public in their quest to rein in spending while ripping more than $60 million from their purses.

The Government’s vicious cuts to Medicare, health, pensions, childcare, paid parental leave, and foreign aid, the removal of penalty rates from employees working unsocial hours, and their latent pursuit of $100,000 degrees are just a few examples of how an out of touch Government has shapeshifted to hold the same values behind new face, Malcolm Turnbull.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the Government will be able to patch things up with constituents after its $20 million Stronger Relationships marriage counselling program failed.

The Liberals’ divorce from the policy cost $2.5 million and culminated in a $400,000 review.

The controversial Intergenerational Report consumed more than $30 million alone.

All of this spending is ugly, so the Government decided to inject some cuteness to mask their wasteful policies.

As part of so-called ‘soft diplomacy’, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop flew a bunch of koalas to stay at Singapore Zoo for $133,000.

Similarly, Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton sanctioned $15,000 worth of toy Australian Border Force dogs.

Now that’s stuffed.

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