The tax payer's guide to Liberal waste


Five star dinners and private jet services: these are all part of the age of entitlement for Members of the Liberal Government.

Former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop chartered a helicopter at a cost of $5,200 instead of driving for an hour.

She must have taken a leaf from Tony Abbott’s book, who spent $4,000 an hour on a VIP flight to attend the birthday party of a Liberal Party donor.

Agriculture and Water Minister Barnaby Joyce spent a whopping $670,000 to move his Ministerial office closer to home.

Attorney-General, George Brandis forked out $6,000 for a water taxi ride in Venice, $1,100 on a dinner in London and $16,000 for a bookcase.

Tony Abbott oversaw a blow out in the bill for refurbishment of the Lodge, coming in at almost $11.6 million, despite never spending a night in the residence.

His staff rented a luxury Canberra home at a cost of $156,000, but he never spent a night in that either, wasting $130,000 to break the contract.

And he ordered a doubling of the maintenance budget for the grounds of Kirribilli House, despite staying in his own home when in Sydney.

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