The tax payer's guide to Liberal waste


If the Turnbull and Abbott Ministries’ political gaffes weren’t enough to convince you of their incompetence, then a quick foray into their spending is.

Ineptitude has cost you dearly, taxpayer – and this statement is only a taste of what we’ve been able to find so far.

The Government spent around $100,000  on late fees to contractors last year, and a further $100,000 to replace lost or stolen goods.

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s poor handling of a Freedom of Information request by a Shadow Minister has already cost taxpayers $80,000.

They wouldn’t sign off on staff pay agreements, but former Treasurer Joe Hockey and the former Human Services Minister Stuart Robert had no problem spending $4 million each on tablet devices for their departments.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on staff training, including some more dubious programs such as ‘emotional intelligence’ and yoga classes.

Building blow outs and unused office spaces are burdening the taxpayer, with estimates showing 100,000 square kilometres worth of offices remain unused – at a cost of $170 million a year.

But nothing can beat the Health Minister Sussan Ley’s performance, who showed up for a photo opp with a concrete slab – ostensibly to mark the start of construction of the Palmerston Hospital – only to see the newly poured foundations covered over with dirt days later.

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