The tax payer's guide to Liberal waste


The Abbott-Turnbull Government has had more ministerial reshuffles than years in its term of governance.

Much of these have been driven by political sabotage of fellow party members, waste, or other suspect conduct.

Tony Abbott’s unnecessary $235,000 renaming of the now Department of Agriculture and Water in September 2013 – a single department – show the renaming at the installation of Malcolm Turnbull will be just as profligate.

This is on top of the cost of recent purchases now redundant, including $45,000 worth of business cards, $30,000 worth of DVDS, and a $115,000 tender for printing in the White Pages within the Agricultural portfolio.

The rift between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott has cost an extra travel bill of up to $17,000 for a single VIP jet flight just so the two men could keep their distance post-leadership spill, though the estimated cost of the double charter could be as high as $34,000.
The Turnbull coup saw taxpayers shed almost $500,000 alone in costs for the North Sydney by-election to replace outgoing Treasurer Joe Hockey.

We are still awaiting figures regarding the changeover from Abbott to Turnbull, meaning the cost of the coup is still unclear, but $30,000 on updating Minister’s resources has been spent so far.

With the Turnbull Ministry morphing into its second incarnation less than six months since its inception, more money will be spilt down the drain.

Redundancies following the installation of the First Turnbull Ministry cost taxpayers $3.3 million.

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