The tax payer's guide to Liberal waste

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Waste Watch book references



  • $57 million to abolish Medicare Local, replace with PHNs
  • $50,000 two Medibank Private sell off media conferences (see Question in Writing No. 1342)
  • $440,000 on consultants to privatise Australian Hearing



  • $20,000 in Budget parties: $10,000 announcing 2014-15 Budget; $10,000 for 2015-16 announcement’s party



  • $5,200 chopper charter for Bronwyn Bishop


  • $11,000 food and meals for Indonesian Cattle sector talks


  • $1,000 replacement of marble coffee table

 Drum Solo

 Fine Dining

  • $1,100 for George Brandis’s London dinner
  • $6,300 for former Defence Minister David Johnston’s dinners
  • $50,000 for Joe Hockey to wine and dine G20 finance ministers
  • $80,000 for catering Tony Abbott’s Torres Strait trip


  • VIP flight to Liberal donor birthday party
  • $40,000 flying bureaucrats to a Cabinet meeting in Perth
  • $28,000 VIP flight Canberra to Sydney for 20 minute media conference
  • $17,000 per flight for two separate charters to fly Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott home to Sydney after the Liberal leadership coup


  • $45,000 Gamification strategy tender




  • $1,352 for Christopher Pyne to day let a room
  • $37,000 for unused Torres Strait hotel rooms
  • $40,000 for New York’s Waldorf Astoria had to offer (Search for and download Senate Question on Notice #1667 in Senate Hansard)




  • $500,000 for ACCC networking conference


  • $133,000 to gift four Koalas to the Singapore Zoo
  • $62,500 a day tour of Kangaroo Island featuring Koala cuddles
  • $150,000 Diplomatic tour of Western Australia featuring marsupials
  • $24,000 on G20 koala cuddles


  • $16,000 on George Brandis’s bookcase
  • $200 for Barnaby Joyce to learn how to be a Minister


  • $2,285 dinner between former Howard Government Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Tony Abbott


  • $100,000 for lost equipment
  • $900,000 defrauded from the Department of Human Services
  • $100,000 across remaining Departments



  • $7 million on media monitoring in 2014-15 Financial Year
  • $120,000 by Scott Morrison on media monitoring without giving information to media as Immigration Minister
  • $79,000 worth of media training for Australian Border Force


New Digs

  • $670,000 to set up politically motivated offices for Barnaby Joyce

Out of Here



  • $15,000 on toy Australian Border Force dogs


  • $80,000 cost for Department of Agriculture to complete Freedom Of Information request
  • $14,000 to fight Perth Freight Link FOI


  • $26,000 to polish a table at the Lodge
  • $21,000 worth of pillows and curtains for the Prime Ministerial Office.
  • $23,000 upgrades of Bronwyn Bishop’s Speaker suite


  • Julie Bishop’s $62,500 a day tour of Kangaroo Island featuring Koala
  • Julie Bishop’s $150,000 Diplomatic tour of Western Australia
  • Tony Abbott spent $2 million entertaining foreign Heads of State and dignitaries during his time as PM
  • $24,000 for flowers welcoming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • $1 million on biscuits, tea and coffee


Slumming It


  • $650,000 to make Tax White Paper palatable to taxpayers
  • $330,000 on a state of the art Immigration media briefing room
  • $15,000 worth of top-notch videography equipment for Prime Minister media advisers
  • Jamie Briggs spent $75,000 on video services when he was Assitant Infrastructure Minister
  • $1.2 million to send a letter claiming pension wouldn’t be cut when it was


  • $100,000 on late fees for contracted services

Unused Space


  • $6,000 on Venetian water taxi for George Brandis


  • $450,000 worth of signage and stationery costs. N.B. This figure has increased since publication to around $550,000.



  • $30,000 spent updating business cards, letterhead, signage and websites following the Turnbull coup and Ministry appointments


  • Two Future Fund Christmas parties (coming in at $11,000 and $8,000)


  • $3.3 million on redundancy payouts after the Turnbull Coup


  • $18,000 talkfest on streamlining Commonwealth and states


Zipped Lips