The tax payer's guide to Liberal waste


Much has brought the Abbott-Turnbull Government into disrepute in their three year term; to be fair the majority of it has been their own work.

Amid countless gaffes (think Tony Abbott eating a raw onion or Environment Minister Greg Hunt claiming walruses inhabit Antarctic waters), the Government spent around $7 million on media monitoring for a single year.

Health Minister Sussan Ley’s use of a near identical anti-methamphetamine campaign to one used years previous incited criticism, especially as it had a hefty $11 million price tag as part of a $20 million campaign.

Advertising of the Liberals’ politically charged Intergenerational Report came with a price tag of over $30 million.

Warren Truss spent $18 million on an infrastructure campaign to sell his credentials, though he was responsible for a 20% decline in investment.

Christopher Pyne and Wyatt Roy’s $28 million Ideas Boom campaign features the Prime Minister’s most famous tagline and favoured Liberal slogan – what a coincidence!

Scott Morrison spent $330,000 on a state of the art media briefing room when he was Immigration Minister, despite refusing to actually disclose information to the media.

Rickshaw adverts were one of the many channels used in the Liberals’ contentious $18 million No Way campaign to stop people smuggling.

Then Education Minister, Christopher Pyne spent $15 million spruiking reforms for his maligned Higher Education reforms for $100,000 degrees.

With Malcolm Turnbull planning to bring deregulation back onto the table, it appears these costs are set to grow.

This is particularly the case when we consider Turnbull spent more than $16 million to rebrand the National Broadband Network as Communications Minister.

The Liberals earmarked $18 million to spruik their childcare changes before the measures were even approved by Parliament.

But perhaps the most costly impact of the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s image sculpting is its ministerial reshuffles and department name changes.

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