Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Reception

As you are planning your wedding, there is a cost that you may not have thought about. That is the total price of the wedding reception. This is the activity that is held after the marriage ceremony. It is where friends and family can gather together to celebrate what has just occurred. It’s also the place where the wedding cake is cut. This is a tradition that is in many weddings that is going to be photographed hundreds of times. There are different types of food that can be served. It just depends on the time of day, how many people that are coming, and what you would prefer doing. Here is a quick overview of how you can save money on your wedding reception.

What Will You Need To Have A Wedding Reception?

The first thing you need to realize is that are wedding reception is essentially a glorified party. It can be a very expensive party, primarily because you are going to be providing everyone that is coming with a particular type of event. This will include food which could be a three course meal. There are likely to be hors d’oeuvres, drinks, a wedding singer or some type of live music. There is also going to be a cake, and a multitude of different types of refreshments including a bar. With this short list, you are already looking at what could be five figures if you have at least 50 people coming to the wedding. However, you don’t have to have all of that, and there are ways of finding a wedding caterer that can save you a lot of money.

How To Save Money On The Wedding Reception

First of all, the live music or wedding singer does not have to be part of what you are providing. Second, there is no need to provide a full course meal. A simple plate of food is good enough, but you do have to provide refreshments. It is recommended that you have fruit punch, and alcoholic beverage bar, and champagne where people can toast the wedding. The wedding cake is not an optional aspect of the wedding reception. However, having hundreds of different choices for desserts really is. Obviously the cake is not going to be enough. You can choose to serve doughnuts, coffee, and even coffee cakes. This can help you cut your expenses by thousands of dollars.

How To Save Money On The Place You Rent For The Wedding Reception

Another major part of the expense of having a wedding reception is the place that you are going to rent. If you happen to have a wealthy family, and they have a place where you can do this for free, it’s not going to be an expense at all. In fact, if you can rent an adjacent facility to where you were married or even combine your wedding and reception at one venue that can handle both such as the Tradewinds Hotel this is probably the cheapest way to get a designated area.

If you want to get married at a church you might be able to talk to the person that you are renting the church from to utilize one of the structures that is on the facility.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you are trying to save what could be thousands of dollars on your wedding reception. You never know how many people are going to come. Therefore, you should only order about half of what is needed, with the exception of the meals, and that should provide enough for everyone that will be there. Just make sure you are plenty of beverages which will include soda, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and pastries that will go along with what they are drinking. By following these simple suggestions, you can save quite a bit of money if you are going to have wedding reception that will be affordable but also memorable.