Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Reception

As you are planning your wedding, there is a cost that you may not have thought about. That is the total price of the wedding reception. This is the activity that is held after the marriage ceremony. It is where friends and family can gather together to celebrate what has just occurred. It’s also the place where the wedding cake is cut. This is a tradition that is in many weddings that is going to be photographed hundreds of times. There are different types of food that can be served. It just depends on the time of day, how many people that are coming, and what you would prefer doing. Here is a quick overview of how you can save money on your wedding reception.

What Will You Need To Have A Wedding Reception?

The first thing you need to realize is that are wedding reception is essentially a glorified party. It can be a very expensive party, primarily because you are going to be providing everyone that is coming with a particular type of event. This will include food which could be a three course meal. There are likely to be hors d’oeuvres, drinks, a wedding singer or some type of live music. There is also going to be a cake, and a multitude of different types of refreshments including a bar. With this short list, you are already looking at what could be five figures if you have at least 50 people coming to the wedding. However, you don’t have to have all of that, and there are ways of finding a wedding caterer that can save you a lot of money.

How To Save Money On The Wedding Reception

First of all, the live music or wedding singer does not have to be part of what you are providing. Second, there is no need to provide a full course meal. A simple plate of food is good enough, but you do have to provide refreshments. It is recommended that you have fruit punch, and alcoholic beverage bar, and champagne where people can toast the wedding. The wedding cake is not an optional aspect of the wedding reception. However, having hundreds of different choices for desserts really is. Obviously the cake is not going to be enough. You can choose to serve doughnuts, coffee, and even coffee cakes. This can help you cut your expenses by thousands of dollars.

How To Save Money On The Place You Rent For The Wedding Reception

Another major part of the expense of having a wedding reception is the place that you are going to rent. If you happen to have a wealthy family, and they have a place where you can do this for free, it’s not going to be an expense at all. In fact, if you can rent an adjacent facility to where you were married or even combine your wedding and reception at one venue that can handle both such as the Tradewinds Hotel this is probably the cheapest way to get a designated area.

If you want to get married at a church you might be able to talk to the person that you are renting the church from to utilize one of the structures that is on the facility.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you are trying to save what could be thousands of dollars on your wedding reception. You never know how many people are going to come. Therefore, you should only order about half of what is needed, with the exception of the meals, and that should provide enough for everyone that will be there. Just make sure you are plenty of beverages which will include soda, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and pastries that will go along with what they are drinking. By following these simple suggestions, you can save quite a bit of money if you are going to have wedding reception that will be affordable but also memorable.

Building A Home While Keeping Costs Down

While building a home can be great because of customization, sometimes costs can become high. There are ways to make sure the costs for a home are as low as possible. The following measure will help with keeping costs down when building a home.

When building a house, the contractor will play a major part in the cost of the home. No one should settle for the first contractor that they meet. Each contractor will offer different bids for their work, and if their prices don’t fit within a desired budget, then the contractor isn’t right for the job. It’s best to take multiple bids from different contractors and get references from their former customers. This will ensure that only the best people are working on the home and that they’ll keep costs from ballooning out of proportion.

A simple concept of building a home is that a larger home will cost more money. A larger home uses more materials and more work must be done to complete the home. The amount of people that will be living in the home will affect the size, and while an exceptionally small house may not work for everyone, people should at least try to build a home that is as large as the space they’ll actually need. Using a floor plan with an open design can make the most of the space inside the home without leaving everyone claustrophobic.

Aesthetic styles like rustic or industrial can keep costs down when building a home by being more flexible and forgiving. When these particular styles are used, certain areas of the home can remain unfinished and still look great in the home while playing with an overall theme. Smaller paint applications, unfinished wood on stairs, and even cinder block in kitchens set up a visual theme, and either use less expensive materials to accomplish, or use smaller amounts of existing materials to make the home complete. The thought of leaving things unfinished may seem odd, but when it all comes together, the look is quite remarkable.

If homeowners are willing to handle many of the building tasks themselves, the cost of building the home will be much lower. Some tasks are simple enough that even those without a background in construction can handle them. Sinks, toilets, and fixtures can be easily installed using information from books or the Internet. If contractors have already placed wiring inside the home, lighting can also be added. Tile and counter tops in kitchens can also be done by homeowners. While these things may take a little more time, and not all projects can be done without the help of a contractor, many can still be accomplished. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to leave pipe laying and wiring to those who are licensed to do it.

Finding out the source of many of the materials that will be used to build the home is a great cost saving option. Paint, lumber, and other similar items can be purchased in bulk by contractors and it will be hard to beat those prices. For other items, such as water heaters, it’s possible to find lower prices than what the contractor offers, and still have the contractor install them. Generally new items are the best option when sourcing, but cabinets and flooring can be bought second hand.

These cost saving measures will come in handy when it’s time to build a home.

7 Great Ways University Students Can Save Money

College students don’t have the reputation of being frugal. From the parties to the extra curricular activities it can be tough to save, but we have some news for you. These quick tricks will be the secret to great money management.


Every new subject has a list of books required to pass it. Sell your old books and look into used books instead of purchasing new ones.


Never go shopping for food when hungry and most importantly cut back on eating out to a defined number weekly.


Reduce your carbon footprint and get healthier by walking everywhere.


Living by yourself can be great regarding privacy, but sharing not only saves you money, but is much more fun and you will have a support system near you a lot of the time.


Cutting out unnecessary items is imperative when it comes to saving. Use your tablet or laptop instead of buying multiple notebooks for multiple subjects.

#6 VIP

Use your VIP student status and exploit discounts where you can.


Caffeine is hugely popular especially when cramming for exams. Go wholesale and make your own. It will save you hundreds monthly.

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6 Money Saving Tips for Your Glamorous Wedding

The biggest day of your life is soon coming upon you and understandably you want to be a rock star at this event. I mean, it is your wedding after all, right? The best news of the day is that there are ways to save big time and still have the wedding of the year.


There is no way that you are getting this wrong. The funny thing about wedding dresses is that they’re so expensive and a lot of the time you cannot find exactly what you want. Have a look on websites such as Gumtree and find amazing pre-owned dresses that will do you right. Try on models at bridal stores and then have a look at your options. You can save up to double the amount you would normally spend on a new dress.


Obviously you have musts that are not debatable when it comes to your wedding as does your other half. Write down three of the most important things you will not skimp out such as food, live bands or cake. Other things can be moved out of the equation or downgraded and in turn you will save some cash.


Planning ahead will get you far. From early bookings on your preferred date at your favourite venue to savings on shoes and jewellery, this small, but immensely important step will go a long way to helping you save.


Now we all love orchids, but how desperately do you really need them to be the focal point at your wedding? Chat with your local florist about cheaper options for flowers and have a bouquet and table arrangements that will look unique. Shop at a wholesaler for flowers or have a great night before with your bridesmaids and have them arrange their own bouquets.


Speaking from experience, photographers are SO EXPENSIVE. Additionally they often give you an album full of generic wedding photos that you have seen in your friend’s albums and online. Try thinking outside of the box by awarding the task to college students hungry for work and wanting to expand their portfolios. Not only will you save massively, you will also be able to get fresh ideas and creative candids like nobody else to date.


Saturday is the traditional day chosen for people to tie the knot. You can save yourself a couple of thousand dollars easily just by changing the big day to a Wednesday. Winner!

The most important day of your life doesn’t have to experience setbacks in order for you to save money. Look into these tips and you will have spare change for your honeymoon and a great day for all.

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5 Ways To Save Money During the Silly Season

The holidays are a great time to bond with your favourite people, but can also be one of the toughest times during the year in terms of budgeting and not spending copious amounts of money. Rightly dubbed the time of giving, it often results with many of us weeping at the state of our bank accounts after the New Year rolls around. Today we have some handy tips that will surely save you from bankruptcy this silly season.


Secret Santa is the best way to save on all the unnecessary gifting of ridiculous gifts that nobody actually wants. Avoid ugly Christmas jumpers and the 77th pair of thermal socks that you get from family members. Now you have a much higher chance of not getting those. Instead you can go down the Secret Santa route. Set a budget that everyone can handle so people get the same bang for their buck. It adds a little mystery to this whole magical time. Why stop with your family? Take this idea to your friends and more importantly to the office. This way you will only have to buy three presents instead of thirty three and it lowers your holiday anxiety levels.


One of the most financially rewarding things to do during Christmas is setting a budget on expenditures. Make sure to give yourself a little wiggle room and take things other than presents into consideration. Think about things like parties, donations, travel costs, food expenses and others. Putting everything down on paper also helps you rethink how much you really need to spend this year. Is it really necessary to get a new tree each year or can you DIY something to spice things up and also help the environment at the same time.


There are countless ways to save money during this time by doing things on your own instead of purchasing Christmas products in stores. You can make this highly entertaining for your children and will help getting them into the holiday spirit. Make your own tree, decorate differently around the home, bake cookies for your family and loved ones and make your own presents.


So many things to do during Christmas and so little time. Why not focus on the free activities you can do with friends and family. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and check out the lights, make some hot chocolate and have a Home Alone movie marathon, go carolling and say hello to Santa at your local mall. All of these things leave cherished memories, especially for children who bask in the attention and love.


We know it’s a little early in the game, but if you can save enough pennies for just a few presents, there are so many money saving presents you can snap up during the sales. Black Friday has the potential to offer ridiculous discounts of up to 70% off, so shop locally or take advantage of internet shopping during this time.

You have our five best tips for this holiday season, so the question that remains is where in the world are you going to spend all your extra cash?

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