6 Money Saving Tips for Your Glamorous Wedding

The biggest day of your life is soon coming upon you and understandably you want to be a rock star at this event. I mean, it is your wedding after all, right? The best news of the day is that there are ways to save big time and still have the wedding of the year.


There is no way that you are getting this wrong. The funny thing about wedding dresses is that they’re so expensive and a lot of the time you cannot find exactly what you want. Have a look on websites such as Gumtree and find amazing pre-owned dresses that will do you right. Try on models at bridal stores and then have a look at your options. You can save up to double the amount you would normally spend on a new dress.


Obviously you have musts that are not debatable when it comes to your wedding as does your other half. Write down three of the most important things you will not skimp out such as food, live bands or cake. Other things can be moved out of the equation or downgraded and in turn you will save some cash.


Planning ahead will get you far. From early bookings on your preferred date at your favourite venue to savings on shoes and jewellery, this small, but immensely important step will go a long way to helping you save.


Now we all love orchids, but how desperately do you really need them to be the focal point at your wedding? Chat with your local florist about cheaper options for flowers and have a bouquet and table arrangements that will look unique. Shop at a wholesaler for flowers or have a great night before with your bridesmaids and have them arrange their own bouquets.


Speaking from experience, photographers are SO EXPENSIVE. Additionally they often give you an album full of generic wedding photos that you have seen in your friend’s albums and online. Try thinking outside of the box by awarding the task to college students hungry for work and wanting to expand their portfolios. Not only will you save massively, you will also be able to get fresh ideas and creative candids like nobody else to date.


Saturday is the traditional day chosen for people to tie the knot. You can save yourself a couple of thousand dollars easily just by changing the big day to a Wednesday. Winner!

The most important day of your life doesn’t have to experience setbacks in order for you to save money. Look into these tips and you will have spare change for your honeymoon and a great day for all.

Image Source: Sandsational Sparkle