7 Great Ways University Students Can Save Money

College students don’t have the reputation of being frugal. From the parties to the extra curricular activities it can be tough to save, but we have some news for you. These quick tricks will be the secret to great money management.


Every new subject has a list of books required to pass it. Sell your old books and look into used books instead of purchasing new ones.


Never go shopping for food when hungry and most importantly cut back on eating out to a defined number weekly.


Reduce your carbon footprint and get healthier by walking everywhere.


Living by yourself can be great regarding privacy, but sharing not only saves you money, but is much more fun and you will have a support system near you a lot of the time.


Cutting out unnecessary items is imperative when it comes to saving. Use your tablet or laptop instead of buying multiple notebooks for multiple subjects.

#6 VIP

Use your VIP student status and exploit discounts where you can.


Caffeine is hugely popular especially when cramming for exams. Go wholesale and make your own. It will save you hundreds monthly.

Image Source: Infographiclist